Use this form to provide one or more names and email addresses of teachers who you think would be interested in attending our 2016 Teachers Workshop.  You can also suggest school administrators who would be interested in letting their teachers know about this Workshop.

To thank you for your efforts, we will be giving out cash prizes to the top three people who introduced the most number of new teachers that attend this Workshop.  (You are welcome to list teachers that have already attended our workshops in the past,  but these teachers will not be counted for the purpose of these prizes.)

You can fill out this form multiple times,  but duplicates will not be counted in the prize tally.


  • We will use this email to notify you of any prizes that you may receive and to copy you on notices that we send to your suggested people, if requested.
  • Please provide the names and e-mail addresses of teachers that you think would be interested in attending this Workshop, and/or school administrators who could pass information about this Workshop to their teachers. Separate each pair of name and email address with a comma or semi-colon.
    Select "Yes" if you want us to copy you when we contact anyone you suggested.