Where Are You From by Xizi (Cecilia) Hua

Additional Information

Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): This video is an autobiographical experimental film uses footage and photos from the filmmaker herself traveling back to China, exploring personal memories, real lives of Chinese people, and current states of mind of today’s young generation abroad. The video shows the most personal feelings being an international student as a “Parachute Kid” today. In the western value dominant world, coming to America at a very young age makes many of us feel ashamed of being Chinese. We gradually realize our lack of understanding in Chinese history and culture to respond to how western public and media often generalize China and Chinese people in their skewed perspectives. This video raises questions of originality, identity, cultural background to encourage more thinking in what it means to be a Chinese person and an international citizen and more understanding in what China is today.


  • Gabby Cao

    很熟悉的画面和想法 很能共情 应该多多少少讲出了很多小孩的心声吧 我对自己老家也是这种感觉 不过大概是越早出国的小孩对自我身份认同越会感到越迷茫吧 非常喜欢片子narrative的形式 可以轻易击中有类似经历的观众 personal的daily其实也是最general的 尤其结尾外婆那几声“再见”和笑声配上洛杉矶的日落 特别有余味