Wuzhen: the Venice of China

Additional Information

Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): We created this video because we thought it would be cool to research a place in China that looked like what life was like in historical times. We never really have been to China before, much less a town that has preserved its culture so well. To produce this video, our main tools were a green screen and a green screen iPad app used together with iMovie. Last December, we researched about Wuzhen, we brainstormed together over the holidays via a Google Doc, and then we made it into a script. Around New Year’s, we started filming and editing, and later refilmed parts that didn’t work. The three of us loved getting together to work on the project, and we really enjoyed learning about Wuzhen and its history. We have been studying Chinese together since we were five, and enjoy learning about Chinese history and culture. Though we went to Taipei two years ago, the city is much more modern than Wuzhen, so we really do want to see a traditional town in mainland China. We would like to go to Wuzhen one day, and hope that after you watch this video, you will want to go to Wuzhen too!
Anything else you'd like to tell us: This video was very much a team effort, with Lena, Alice and Anuhea working together and dividing tasks equally (with support from Mr. Ross!)