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(updated April 16, 2018)

 Please see our PUBLIC VOTE RULES and Awards Below.

Our Public Vote Challenge for the public’s top favorites out of our pool of 29 Youth Voices Semi-Finalists runs during this window:

  • Start Time:  Monday April 16th at 12:00 pm PDT
  • End Time:  Thursday April 19th at 12:00 pm PDT 

To VOTE and see the the current standings per division,  click on the DIVISION VOTING buttons at the bottom of the page.  



  • $200 Audience’s Choice Award — will be awarded to the overall winner per division if their video garners the most votes TOTAL from the public on our voting pages.  The 3 divisions are (1) middle school, (2) high school, and the combined (3) College /Open / PRC Nationals Division.
  • Each DIVISION Winner: Gets Automatic Entry into the Finals — the top vote-getter in each of the middle school, high school and college/open divisions will get an automatic berth to compete in the Final Round and be featured in our May 20tth Video Festival & Awards Bash in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Special Cash Bonus Prize for the OVERALL WINNER:
    The overall winner with the highest vote count for all three 3 Divisions is eligible to win a special cash bonus prize if their total votes exceed the 8109 vote mark. Rhe current Public Vote vote record was set in 2017 by National High School Division winner Alivia D’Andrea for Ethnic Mirror)
  • Note: Separate Selection of  *OTHER* 3 to 4 Finalists per division
    Other finalists will be determined by the judges’ final scores for ALL SEMI-FINALISTS and be announced by Friday April 20th.  Thus, all Semi-Finalists have a fair shot of getting into the Finals based on the merits of their videos.


  • The public may vote for as many different videos as they like in any division by clicking the “Vote Now” button next to each video.
    • However, you can only vote for each video within a division ONCE.
    • Any duplicate votes will be discarded; attempts to game the system may result in disqualification of the contestant.
  • NOTE: The Audience’s Choice Award winners and Automatic Berth winners are subject to final review and approval by the contest producers.
  • ALSO NOTE:   “Cumulative Votes” updating on our webpage happens in an erratic way You may see unusual patterns during all hours of the night, based on our past experiences and our partner tech development team’s vast experience with large corporate clients who run online contests.
  • To ensure a SAFE and EQUITABLE voting process, we have elected to implement a strict security protocol.  If you are voting from a shared WiFi network, like your school network, you may see a message restricting your ability to vote.  This is happening because someone on your network has already voted using your IP address.  You can address this by trying the following:
    • Vote from another Wifi Network, like your home network
    • Vote from your cell phone with wifi turned off
    • Contact your system administrator