Congrats to all our 32 Semi-Finalists!  We are impressed with their Public Vote battle below to win the most votes and to earn division slots into the Finale Event!

With one more day left to go, the Current leaderboard standings as of 11:59pm, Feb 29 are as below…we will see if any team tops the 2015 Public Vote record of 2848 votes, held by College Prep student Vivian Pang!.


699 votes
Mira Chaplin
Matthew Norris
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Yale University
New Haven, CT
Students for a Cleaner China


Teacher Xin Chen
Berkeley High School
Berkeley, CA
Cultural Exchange Idea — International Eco-Club
993 votes
Emily Wang
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
Cultural Exchange Trip to China
China Travel Story
— Innovation in China

Middle School

1541 votes 
Ella Serrano-Wu
Shady Hill School
Cambridge, MA
Strengthening U.S. and China Relations Through Student Exchange
Teacher Bei Ju
Cultural Exchange
— Live & Study in China
1357 votes


Amy Marcopulos

Jamie Cheung
Alice Fong Yu Elementary
San Francisco, CA
Improving the Relationship Between America and China
Teacher Lisa Ernst
Cultural Exchange
— Language, Media, & the President

High School:

2109 votes
Hannah Chen
Kaiser High School
Honolulu, HI
Youth Voices on China: A New Era of Medicine
Teacher Yi Lee
Cultural Exchange Idea
— Traditional Chinese Medicine
1939 votes
Julia Chen &
Justin Chau
Atlanta International School
Atlanta, GA
Can we Learn from Each Other? -Education in China and the U.S
Cultural Exchange Idea
— Classroom Exchange