Congratulations to all our 2018 Semi-Finalists!


Help your favorite teams advance to the Finals where they’ll showcase their next video iterations at our May 20th  Youth Voices Video Festival and Awards Bash.  (These “coached videos” are aided by our 2018 YVOC coaches — over thirteen US-China experts & film industry, inspired by NBC’s hit show, The Voice.)


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High School

Middle School

By Zhang Zexin (Guangzhou, China)

123 Votes

By Haoyu Wang (Chengdu, China)

30 Votes

By Mengjia Liu and Jier Zhang (Chengdu, China)

580 Votes

By Mai Anh Srisuk (Northeastern University | Boston, MA)

137 Votes

By Lilian Kong (Stanford University | Palo Alto, CA)

15 Votes

By Jack Boyuan Chen & Yibing Du (Stanford University & Pomona College | Palo Alto & Los Angeles, CA)

797 Votes

By Eleni Aneziris & Yulou Zhou (Stanford University | Palo Alto, CA)

871 Votes

By Mick Wang & Ralston Louie (Jackson Hole WY & Los Angeles, CA)

62 Votes


By Ming-Wei & Ming-An Fasquelle (LILA – International School of Los Angeles | Burbank, CA)

66 Votes

By Tryston Kwong (Home Schooled | Sacramento, CA & Sanya, China)

13 Votes

By Winnie Liang &  Emily Peng (Mills High School | Millbrae, CA)

58 Votes

By Casidy Chan (Punahou School, Honolulu)

76 Votes

By Graham Lenox (The Bay School |  San Francisco, CA)

112 Votes

By Adam Guggenheim (University High School | San Francisco, CA)

84 Votes

By Sarah Tan & Leanna Sun (Monta Vista High School | Cupertino, CA)

67 Votes

By Vyoma Oza (Las Lomas High School |  Walnut Creek, CA)

198 Votes

By Johnny Yi Zhang & Roy Li (California Crosspoint Academy | Hayward, CA)

648 Votes

By Kenneth Chan & Juanke Wu (Island Trees High School | Levittown, NY)

549 Votes

By Dina Kalim & Katie Bae  (Tenafly Middle School | Tenafly, NJ)

193 Votes

By Selena Tam & Jennifer Lam (Alice Fong Yu Alternative School | San Francisco, CA)

1370 Votes

By Lillie Awaya & Selene Ho (‘Iolani School, Honolulu)

8 Votes

By Ryan Watanabe & Zacary Tenn (‘Iolani School, Honolulu)

11 Votes

By  Will Kaminski & Kane Cheng (Tenafly Middle School | Tenafly, NJ)

110 Votes

By Lena & Hetti Hsia (CAIS, San Francisco)

23 Votes

By Emily Tan (Harker Middle School | San Jose, CA)

53 Votes

By Gloria Zhu (Harker Middle School | San Jose, CA)

22 Votes

By Dawson Chen (Harker Middle School | San Jose, CA)

83 Votes