2016 Awards & Screening

All entries will first be screened to ensure they meet the entry criteria, theme, and content requirements outlined in our Entry Video Checklist and Contest Rules.



Our panel of judges will score your video based the criteria described below — including creativity, content, fit with our theme & mission and more.

(1) First-Round judges who screen and select Semi-Finalists
(2) Semi-Finals Round judges who choose Finalists and recommend Special Awards Nominees
(3) Finals Round judges who select Winners, Special Award Winners and Finale Final Cut Videos (coaching round videos).




The top 2+ finalists per division will be selected based on the merits of their video’s quality — that is, those who have the highest judges’ scores, per the criteria below.  Additional teams may be selected as “Special Award Nominees” based on jury decisions.

Another way Semi-Finalists can make it in to the finals round is through our ONLINE Public Vote Challenge, where all Semi-Finalists participate in, often drawing viewership around the world   The public will determine the Audience’s Choice Award winner per national division, and the one top vote-getter per division shall receive an automatic Finalist slot, where they earn a trip to the YVOC Festival and Awards Bash.



Final Round Judges will select the national, regional, special award and Finale Final Cut winners.



Your entry will be scored according to the following criteria:


1.  Meets Contest Criteria & Theme – (10% of score)

  • Meets all checklist criteria
  • Clearly addresses theme/contest prompt — presenting a compelling personal story illustrating life or experiences in mainland China, based on an interview of a mainland Chinese person or a frequent traveler to mainland China.
2.  Originality & Impact  (30% of score)

  • Is there a high degree of originality and uniqueness in its personal perspective on mainland China
  • Did the mainland China story personally move or inspire you and the audience?  Is it transformative? Informative and intriguing?
  • Replay Value:  Is this a video you’d replay over and over?
  • Does it have the potential to spark dialogue and sharing?
  • Did the interview go above and beyond the required interview questions?
3. Story Telling Editing & Techniques (30% of score)

  • Did the storytelling format/approach work for telling a coherent story?
  • Editing — Does each scene, transition, visual & sound effects & images, and other creative techniques help to tell a greater story?
  • Does the video’s tone, structure, and pacing enhance the emotional impact for the audience?
  • Was the acting & interview well done and woven in well?
    (Need editing tips?  Visit this Techsmith Blog or this Premium Beat article
4.  Technical Video Quality & Production Values (30% of score)

  • Does the video have strong technical production values?
  • High quality, clean audio & sound, proper lighting per shot, superb image quality?
  • Camera stability, smoothness & focus
  • Clean and legible titles, subtitles & fonts
Other Bonus Judging Criteria that May Be Used For Other Potential Awards:

  • If produced in Mandarin language by a non-native speaker, how is the quality of Mandarin skills and translation work?