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Finalists and Special Award Nominees were invited to submit a showcase video to debut on the big screen at our Youth Voices Video Festival and Awards Bash on May 7th.  We paired them  with US-China film, media and business executives — “coaches” — to help them create a polished, more powerful version of their original video submission.

For Coaching & Showcase guidelines, please see the bottom section of this page.  (YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THESE STEPS BELOW)


See their bios here.



To Finalists & Special Nominees:

These Showcase versions are the focus and the draw of our May 20th Video Festival, as a large audience has already seen your original video through the Public Vote.

(And, of course, we love how the judges on  The Voice, can help make a difference in young talented people’s lives and careers — we hope these coaches and some of our “luncheon” mentors can do that for you).

These Showcase videos are eligible to win special prizes, including drone(s), special experiences/trips, and mentorship luncheons with some cool & influential executives, entrepreneurs and US-China experts.

For this final “Showcase” round:

  • Finalists/Special Nominees will have a scheduled call with a YVOC Coach (see list above) during the advised week.
  • We will help you schedule this this call.  Coaching is limited essentially to this call.  However, if there are further questions you’d like to ask your coach, please direct your questions through our YVOC staff.
    Coaches shall review finalist’s original video beforehand and a Youth Voices contest producer will also provide some feedback in advance of the call, where possible.
    On the call, coaches will suggest edits and ideas to make your video more powerful & compelling, from improving audio, visuals, and transitions, to voiceovers and messaging.  Additional new footage IS allowed (up to 1 minute more; your video must not to exceed a maximum of 4 minutes).
    Do your best to improve your story and impact on the audience. Only add more footage & visuals if they make your message & overall impact much more powerful).  Coaches, friends and family members will always give you a ton of advice.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to add everyone’s ideas in and bog down your video.  Keep it clean, clear and powerful.
  • DUE DATE for SHOWCASE VIDEO:  May 14th by Noon  PST
    Finalists & special nominees must submit new “Showcase video” to this YVOC submission form link.   (link disabled)
    The Showcase Videos will be judged by a new round of judges, and there may be a live audience vote conducted during the May 7th Awards Bash, followed by a public vote afterwards.  The best videos are those that show significant improvement and are incredibly compelling, moving and/or entertaining.  Again, it’s your personal voice & perspective that can truly elevate your video to the next level.   (For the videos that are already quite polished, it’s about whether you can make it even more powerful and professional –e.g. cleaning up minor glitches and issues).