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We hope you’ll have a great trip to San Francisco!  We look forward to seeing you at Brunch and our Awards Bash.


For those who chose to book their own travel and were pre- approved for YVOC travel reimbursement, please complete this YVOC reimbursement form by no later than May 23, unless otherwise arranged.

  • Before completing your reimbursement form, please scan or take photos of your purchase receipts, plus flight boarding passes and train tickets.
  • If you did not give us your W-9 form in person at our May 20 finale, you will need to complete it and upload it into the submitted reimbursement form.



  • Finale participants who live within 100 miles of the Finale venue — The Smith Rafael Film Center —  will NOT be reimbursed for any travel & lodging expenses, unless otherwise notified.
  • Finale participants who live more than 100 miles (and select others) from Finale venue, please follow the guidelines we have emailed you regarding reimbursement caps for transportation expenses.


For non-local finale participants, please follow the guidelines and reimbursement caps we have provided to you personally.  Please see more hotel booking guidelines here, if needed.

  • Please keep all boarding passes and submit a copy of them plus your  ticket purchase receipt your reimbursement.
  • Expenses incurred outside of the contest weekend dates (May 18-20) or above the reimbursement budget caps provided must have prior written approval from the YVOC event organizers.