All entries will first be screened to ensure they meet the entry criteria outlined in the Entry Video Checklist and Contest Rules. Our international panel of judges will then score your video based on creativity, content, fit with our theme & mission and more, as described below.

The top Semi-Finalists will be added to an online poll for the public to determine the Audience’s Choice Award winner and help determine our Finalists.  We will also announce our regional Northern California Counties winners, plus Hawaii state winners.

The Finalists will head to San Francisco for a March 15, 2015 screening at CAAMFest, followed by our Awards Ceremony and reception.


Your entry will be scored according to the following criteria:


1.  Mission Fit / Theme – (20% of score)

  • Clearly addresses why China is important to their future
2. Youth Inspiration(20% of score)

  • Effectively inspires other youth to learn more about China
  • Transformative for American Youth and potential to drive meaningful change
  • Extent to which a project is inclusive of individuals from all demographic backgrounds & abilities (potential to reach underserved populations
3.  Content/Concept/Story (20% of score)

  • Well-told story that shows creativity, originality, and coherence
  • Explores topic well.  Includes accurate and knowledgeable China information
  • Shows balanced perspective on US & China and includes other 3rd party view(s) or perspective(s) – *IMPORTANT*
4.  Artistic Excellence/Aesthetic Merit  (10% of score)

  • Artistic significance of the story
  • Unusual creativity
5.  Production Values (10% of score)

  • Visual creativity
  • Quality of audio, video, lighting or editing
6.  Overall Quality   (20% of score)

  • Did the video affect us and produce an emotional response?
  • Enjoyment factor
  • Meaningfulness
  • Replay value