More Than “Made in China”

Additional Information

Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): ‘More Than “Made in China”’ demonstrates how China is infused into much of American culture, ranging from the phones we use to the festivals we enjoy celebrating such as Chinese New Year. We created this video to invoke deeper thought and research into the Chinese culture. After asking around, it was surprising to see how little people knew of China beyond the Asian stereotype and the "Made in China" label. This video is how we endeavor to fix this lack of understanding. The artistic process of creating our YVOC video was challenging, yet interesting and enjoyable at the same time. We were inspired by several stop motion videos on Vimeo to experiment with animations and stop motion film making. After drawing and printing the animations, as well as captions, my partner and I were able to set up a camera to achieve a bird’s eye view effect. With nearly two hundred photos of each individual animation, editing software enabled us to string these photos together and make them look as if they were in motion.