Malama ‘Aina

Additional Information

Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): Here in Hawaii, agriculture is not just an art; It is a lifestyle. Student Paia'ala Wilcox-Molina has been raised within these beliefs, and has grown to love such beliefs. To gain newfound knowledge of her passion she aspires to travel internationally, specifically China, for their vast agriculture lands. Paia'ala's passion for the art of agriculture inspired our team to in a sense tell her story, and to connect both her Hawaiian heritage and the many cultures that China has to offer. Her passion is what drives this video and story, and that is what our team has captured in this video. Our team's main objective when creating this video was to capture Paia'ala in her element, which is in the garden, knees down in dirt, being one with the environment. We also had to show her seriousness of her aspiration, which meant transitioning her from the garden to the place of study and knowledge, the library. This we literally showed in the video. Overall, this video not only tells of a student's aspirations, but it also serves as a prime example of the ability that two diverse cultures have of sharing and learning from one another. To our group, it was a surreal experience of capturing one's story that connected two cultures of the same art.
Anything else you'd like to tell us: I would like to thank you for the opportunity for us to tell a student's story, and to connect two cultures that share the same art of agriculture. The production of this video for this year's topics was an amazing experience, and one that I will not forget.