A Modern Nation

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Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): In the distant past, some people viewed China as exotic, irrelevant and unreachable. Moving society away from that perception was important, but the current alternative isn’t necessarily the best. Most people focus on China's economic strength, which is valid, but solely looking at business makes us forget that China is up to date in ways other than manufacturing. Exposing China as modern and relevant to America meant discussing social media. The tone of the video needed to be serious and informative, but not overly boring, so there were brief moments of spontaneity. Too many people view China as a country nearly as restrictive in terms of free speech as North Korea. In China, leaders in every industry use social media as a platform to voice their concerns about pressing issues, and Chinese youth listen to them, aspiring to be the ones who solve those challenges and create meaningful changes in the world. As a Chinese-American, I hope my video can help bridge the gap between both cultures. Thank you for watching!
Anything else you'd like to tell us: This video was a lot of fun to make! The mission of the 1990 Institute is very refreshing, and I am glad to take part in such a meaningful initiative!