7:15pm PST – With 45 minutes left to go in the Public Vote Challenge, the competition gotten truly fierce!  Our two High School teams have already broken the 3000-vote barrier — earlier in the afternoon, they topped the 2848-vote record set by Vivian Pang last year, our current two-time Early Bird Winner and National High School runner-up.  And the middle school division is also neck-and-neck!  Here are the current standings:


855 votes
Mira Chaplin
Matthew Norris
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Yale University
New Haven, CT
Students for a Cleaner China


Teacher Xin Chen
Berkeley High School
Berkeley, CA
Cultural Exchange Idea — International Eco-Club
1063 votes
Emily Wang
Harvard College
Cambridge, MA
Cultural Exchange Trip to China
China Travel Story
— Innovation in China

Middle School

2653 votes 
Ella Serrano-Wu
Shady Hill School
Cambridge, MA
Strengthening U.S. and China Relations Through Student Exchange
Teacher Bei Ju
Cultural Exchange
— Live & Study in China
2643 votes


Amy Marcopulos

Jamie Cheung
Alice Fong Yu Elementary
San Francisco, CA
Improving the Relationship Between America and China
Teacher Lisa Ernst
Cultural Exchange
— Language, Media, & the President

High School:

3158 votes
Hannah Chen
Kaiser High School
Honolulu, HI
Youth Voices on China: A New Era of Medicine
Teacher Yi Lee
Cultural Exchange Idea
— Traditional Chinese Medicine
3135 votes
Julia Chen &
Justin Chau
Atlanta International School
Atlanta, GA
Can we Learn from Each Other? -Education in China and the U.S
Cultural Exchange Idea
— Classroom Exchange