2018 | Newest Prize: Yunnan Trip

We’re so excited for this finalist prize,  a trip to Yunnan with airfare and 3 Nights at the Wild China Villa  courtesy of Mei Zhang, the dynamic founder of the award-winning sustainable travel company, WildChina, known for its unique, off-the-beaten-path adventures.  Yunnan is a … Continued

2018 | Contest Tips from the Pros

We encourage you to GET CREATIVE in how you share your interview subject(s)’ recent stories of about LIFE IN MAINLAND CHINA Get inspired by CNN, CNBC by how they do split videos! Consider getting creative with narratives, spoken word, cinema verite/sketches, … Continued

2018 | Extended Entry Deadline: TUE APRIL 3

NEW DEADLINE UPDATE: yes, TUESDAY, APRIL 3, 2018 (pacific time) is the new deadline for entries, since we are accommodating some new schools and China-based entries after our YVOC SCHOOL tour.  We visited 48 classrooms across 4 states, speaking to … Continued