Help your favorite College/Open/PRC National Division semi-finalist teams advance to the Finals, where they’ll showcase their next “coached” video iterations at our May 20th Youth Voices Video Festival and Awards Bash.

By Zhang Zexin (Guangzhou, China)

123 Votes

By Haoyu Wang (Chengdu, China)

30 Votes

By Mengjia Liu and Jier Zhang (Chengdu, China)

580 Votes

By Mick Wang & Ralston Louie (Jackson Hole WY & Los Angeles, CA)

62 Votes

By Mai Anh Srisuk (Northeastern University | Boston, MA)

137 Votes

By Lilian Kong (Stanford University | Palo Alto, CA)

15 Votes

By Jack Boyuan Chen & Yibing Du (Stanford University & Pomona College | Palo Alto & Los Angeles, CA)

797 Votes

By Eleni Aneziris & Yulou Zhou (Stanford University | Palo Alto, CA)

871 Votes

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