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High School

Middle School

PublicVoteChallengeVOTING RESULTS:

  • During the Public Vote, our videos were watched not just in the U.S. but also China, Taiwan, Australia, Ireland, UK, Singapore and other countries.
  • Our High School Division Public Vote winner Hannah Chen earned a $500 cash award for garnering the most public votes overall — 3490 votes, plus an automatic slot to her Division’s finals.
  • Per the table below, the top two finishers in each division battled it out royally down to the wire.  The winner per division earned an automatic berth into their Division’s Finals on March 19th — our Gala Awards and CAAMFest Screening.
  • Kudos to the 4 contestant teams who surpassed the 3000-vote mark — all topped last year’s Public Vote record of 2848 votes for Vivian Pang’s video entry last year.
division winner  runner-up 
High School Division  3490_hannah_3347  3347_HS_Julia
Hannah Chen

Youth Voices on China: A New Era of Medicine

Julia Chen & Justin Chau
Can we Learn from Each Other? -Education in China and the U.S
Middle School Division 3045_ella_hannah_3017 3017_MS_Amy
Ella Serrano-Wu, Shrinkhala Sunuwar, Reese Dickinson

Strengthening U.S. and China Relations Through Student Exchange
Amy Marcopulos & Jamie Cheung
Improving the Relationship Between America and China
College Division 1067_emily__869 869_coll_mira
Emily Wang
Cultural Exchange Trip to China
Mira Chaplin & Matthew Norris
Students for a Cleaner China


Cultural Exchange Trip to China

Emily_wang_200By Emily Wang
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA | San Francisco, CA

Artist’s Statement: During winter break, I visited Wuzhen China for the World Internet Conference as a U.S. student delegate. From bonding with the Chinese students to visiting cultural sites to talking with Chinese inventors this cultural exchange trip was incredibly eye-opening. This visit to China changed some of our perspectives on China and I am excited to share with you some of our adventures and what I learned. My advice for the future president is to come up with more everyday-life activities to do with other world leaders. Genuine relationships are hard to build in diplomatic settings but through simple acts of everyday life people can put aside their burdens and first seek to understand one another: from ones personality to one’s culture. Thank you for watching my video!

DIVISION PUBLIC VOTE WINNER | Middle School | Cultural Exchange Proposal

Strengthening U.S. and China Relations Through Student Exchange

Ella_SerranoWu_MS_CRBy Ella Serrano-Wu, Shrinkhala Sunuwar, and Reese Dickinson
Shady Hill School
Cambridge, MA

Sponsoring Teacher:  Bei Ju

Artist’s Statement: This video shows how student exchange can create a more positive relationship between China and America. Student exchange is a big part of education and learning about other cultures that needs to be more widely known. Our friend who is currently an exchange student inspired us to share this experience with the world.

OVERALL & DIVISION PUBLIC VOTE WINNER | High School | Cultural Exchange Proposal

A New Era of Medicine

hannah Chen_CR 2016mainBy Hannah Chen
Henry J. Kaiser High School
Honolulu, HI

Sponsoring Teacher:  Yi Lee


Artist’s Statement:
Medicine affects tomorrow’s generation in every region around the world and this was definitely a topic I wanted to address. Traditional Chinese medicine has always been underestimated and misinterpreted in the West but combining modern medicine with traditional Chinese medicine has the potential to enhance healthcare in America and China. My family experienced the benefits of these treatments when my mother almost died from a fatal illness; luckily she is fully healed now. I believe it is important to convey this message and combine forces with China to ultimately create a revolutionary medical system saving hundreds of lives in both countries like it did with my mom. This is a serious topic affecting each and every one of us so I made an effort to reflect this in the video through its filming and editing techniques. Each scene coincides with the narration; the ultimate goal was conveying a clear direct message to the President about an ongoing issue and a potential solution.