Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Youth Voices on China winners!

Jury President Joan Chen, our judges and the 1990 Institute would like to recognize the hard work of all students and teachers who participated in our 2014-15 Youth Voices On China video competition, which asked students to short 2-3 minute video on “What’s China?  Why is Understanding China Important to My Future.”  We received over 80 films from over 100 students which is a solid start for our inaugural year. Entries came from 19 states and we were thrilled to see video entries covering a variety of topics from Alibaba and the NBA in China to Guanxi, their China travel experiences, and moving personal stories.

After much deliberation and multiple rounds of judging, we’re thrilled to announce our many winners in this year’s competition! The following filmmakers below share in prizes totaling $30,000

We hope you’ll enjoy watching this year’s selection of winning entries as much as we enjoyed judging them. Once again, a heartfelt thanks to all participants for making this a magical first contest year and we hope you’ll consider participating in our next Youth Voices competition, launching in Fall of 2015!



  • Created by: Paige Lockwood

The Road To Success

Video Description: It was difficult for me to focus on a specific part of China because I don’t know what exactly will be important in my future (And there is so much to talk about). I decided that no matter what I end up doing in the future, the reach of China is so vast that it will be important in my life no matter where I head in the future. China is growing and will only continue to grow. The road to success leads straight through China.

School: Punahou School

Grade: Junior | Class of 2016

Teacher:  Laura Chang-Blust

Quotes From The Judges:  

  • “Excellent animation….Bravo to Paige for a very well-executed and inspiring video.”
  • “This practically could be a PSA (if shorter) that could play on television”
  • “A dose of doubt helps make it very relatable…it should definitely inspire other kids to learn more about China….”
  • “Overflowing with creativity…and a nice personal story. It does a perfect job of touching on many topics and issues.”
  • “While 3 minutes doesn’t allow deeper exploration — e.g. China poses some real challenges for international cooperation on environmental issues…and China’s positioned here as a “model supermajority” when, of course, broad education access is difficult for many, I would hope these are the kinds of dialogue and debate that this short, effective video could spark.”


College Division Winner


  • Created by: Michael He

A Modern Nation

Video Description: This video shows how China impacts the world’s future through communication, economy, and culture. Through an animated classroom setting, students discover all the ways China influences them and their future. This video was created to inspire others to become interested in and learn more about the fascinating country of China. In order to learn more about the country where my ancestors arose, I researched extensively on the history and present-day affect of China on the world, and incorporated my newly found knowledge into this video.

School: Harvard College

Year: Freshman | Class of 2018

Quotes From The Judges:

  • “Fresh out of the KevJumba school of viral videos — humorous, effective, and well-edited ..”Great insight on social media and a fun video” …
  • “Loved this video. Very straight forward message, blended with creative thinking…this video is suitable for people of all ages to watch and is very appealing to younger generation.”
  • “Would have liked to see connection between social media in China and people / students here in the US. So why is it important that China is being shaped by social media and how does that impact us?”



Middle School Division Winner


  • Created by: Haidee Xu and Jackie Acosta


Video Description: Alibaba is a Chinese company who affects our lives today. They started off In China, but made it a worldly business for everyone.

School: Joaquin Miller Middle School; St. Cecilia School

Grade: 7th grade