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HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION – Finalist Showcase Videos


Video After Coaching Video Before Coaching

By: Alivia D’Andrea  (Glendal High School | Glendale, CA)

Coached by: Brian Yang

Description: This video is about discovering my Asian roots which would lead to a deeper understanding of myself and aspirations. I hope to inspire others to dig deeper into their heritage and help them understand the importance of knowing where you come from.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: I replaced a few of my clips where my back was towards the camera with clips of my family. I also added some clips of me speaking Chinese and went into more depth about my interests and YouTube channel.

About my coach: He was very helpful : )

What I learned in the process:  I learned more about the different types of food in China…and developed an even greater passion for sharing my views with the world through videography.

A final note: First, I would like to thank the 1990 Institute for organizing such an amazing event. I’m so grateful for my family and friends who have been so encouraging in my goals and passions. Entering this video contest prompted me to dig deeper into my Chinese roots.  It’s important to remember where we come from, because it is the foundation of our life and the wings of our future.


 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching

By: Nicole Tagalicud, Julie Forrest, Jayden Kepoo-Caspino  (Waianae High School | Waianae, HI)

Coached by: Jan Lin

Description: A story about a girl and her love and passion for basketball that she would like to bring along on a trip to China.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: The updates in this video include, newly added footage, how being a women has affected Julia’s basketball career and what she would like to ask Yao Ming if she were given the chance to meet him.

About our coach: Ms. Lin was very helpful, she gave us excellent tips that included how we should be more personal, and maybe add some more facts about Yao Ming, his wife and the game of basketball in China.

A Final Note:  We would like to thank the 1990 institute for hosting such an amazing contest and awards gala. We would also like to give a huge thank you to our advisor, John Allen for encouraging us to do this project and giving us constant support throughout the whole thing.


 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching

By: Sara Du (Beckman High School | Irvine, CA)

Coached by: James Haber

Description: This is a short film about the transformation of a girl and a nation.  I hope viewers come away with the understanding that China’s not the cheap manufacturer people see it as anymore and that many countries can learn from China and its culture…and that there’s really hope for the future in terms of innovation and progress.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: I added more about myself and my story.

About my coach: 10/10

What I learned in the process:
– My interest in film
– It’s really hard to get the right shots; film is 100x harder than photography, sound matters
– Telling a story, especially when it’s real, is difficult to get right
– My voice sounds flat in the video even though I tried! Goes to show that getting the right tone is hard too
– Older Chinese people know how to use tech a lot better than some young people around here
– China’s changes have went beyond what I’ve seen on the surface

A final note: I really have Youth Voices to thank for getting me off the couch and finally  teaching myself how to actually edit videos. I also have to thank my parents for supporting all of my crazy hobbies over the years, I think they can be considered venture capitalists by now after putting so much faith in me. Finally, I really can’t emphasize how much China has been an influence to me growing up. I think that America can learn much more from China than just how to manufacture cheap things, and the Youth Voices contest is truly doing great things in encouraging young people to expand their knowledge about Chinese culture.


 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching

By: Ming-Wei Fasquelle  (International School of Los Angeles | Burbank, CA)

Coached by: Milton Chen

Description: This video looks at growing up in Modern China through the eyes of a young French-American-Chinese boy growing up there, including daily life at school.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: The focus of the film has been developed to show the significance of seeing Modern China through this lens. Footage has also been re-worked as well overall theme.

About my coach: Mr. Chen was extremely helpful as a coach. He gave invaluable comments and useful insights while helping develop the focus of the video.

What I learned in the process: Among the numerous things I learned in this contest, apart from the obvious time-management lessons and effective communication, is really how to take anything from my life, whether it’d be my past, a memory or just who I am, and turning that into a story that I can share.   I learned that China is one of the world’s most powerful superpowers,  and yet, most of the people in the world know very little about China’s people and their lives.

A final note: When I tell people that I grew up in China, they usually ask one of two questions: how did you learn to speak English so well? And, do you eat…dog meat? Gets me every time. To overcome this feeling of alienation, I find myself looking for commonalities. Thank you, 1990,  for giving youth like me an opportunity to share my story and make an impact on US-China relations.


 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching

By: Priscilla Yang & Ana Yang  (Aragon High School | San Mateo, CA)

Coached by: Sabrina Chen-Louie

Description: Our research about karate led us to China. Our love for karate became our tie to China, and we hope others will find their bond through their passions too.  We hope viewers will recognize the importance of China in our culture and that we can’t learn as much by staying rooted in one place; some knowledge must be gained through travel and personal experience.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: We rearranged the sequence of our video clips and added a lot more footage that portrays a more personal part of our perspective. We worked hard at improving our picture and sound quality.

About our coach: Our coach gave us a lot of really beneficial advice and constructive criticism. Her experience with filming and her suggestions improved our video, and her comments were specific and easy to follow.

What we learned in the process:
1) Keeping the attention of our audience throughout the video by maintaining a single theme
2) Audience and visuals are essential in a video
3) There’s a lot more planning than the audience sees. We learned this the hard way because we ended up rushing to finish before the due date.
4) You can’t be modest/shy when you’re asking people to vote for you
5) Time management and it’s ok to be dependent (on your partner)

6) As for China, there are a lot more tourist sites than we thought
7) By watching the other contestants’ videos, we saw the many ways people found their link to China. Even though China is only one country, it is a very diverse place.

A final note: Thank you to our family for introducing us to Youth Voices. Also thanks to our teacher Sensei Edwards for his guidance. When we first began this project, we were so lost. I remember I accidentally joined another contestant’s call, and I just sat at the computer — I didn’t even know how to exit! But we went on to learn so much. We hope that our video has inspired all of you to follow your passions and find your own connection to China.


 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching

By: Ming Hill, Graham Lenox, Nick Go, Ping Hill (The Bay School | San Francisco, CA)

Coached by: Chaai Wu

Description: This is a fictional story combining the themes of searching for your roots and making a positive impact. However the scenes of Qinghai are all real footage

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: We edited the audio so that it was very even throughout the short video. Along with that we added a better ending so that it doesn’t feel so sudden. Finally we tuned up our subtitles a bit.

About our coach: She was very helpful and gave us many great suggestions for improvement.


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