SCENES FROM YUNNAN:  Yuan Yuang Rice Paddies (Ronald Tagra); Yunnan first graders; Hot pepper sellers in Dali, Yunnan (Tim Quijano)

Before your create your video, please review these checklist items below:

And later, as you do your final edit and get ready to submit your video, be sure to revisit this page.


red-check 1. REGISTRATION – Make sure your entire team is pre-registered individually before submitting your final video
red-check 2. THEME & CATEGORYAddress our contest theme on travel & make sure your entry falls into one of our 4 categories
red-check 3. SHARE A PERSONAL STORY or a Group Perspective.  The judges are interested in learning about you (and/or your team members) — the more personal and compelling, the better. Get creative, and make your video reflect your interests…and ensure it inspires peers’ & friends’ curiosity to travel to AND learn about modern China.
red-check 4. FILM YOUR VIDEO in HIGH DEFINITION  and make sure your audio sound is clean and clear, avoiding ambient noises.
red-check 5. TITLE SLIDE:

All entries should begin with a 3-5 second full-screen “title screen” that includes the following information:
  • Lead Producer’s name & any team members
  • School name
  • School city, state
  • Title of video  (Please be creative & use a title that reflects your content.  Avoid generic names like “Youth Voices Entry 2017”)
red-check 6. PERMISSIONS: Have all the required permissions for persons & copyrighted materials appearing in your video.
red-check 7. ENGLISH SUBTITLES:  As English is the official language, please add subtitles for any non-English portions.  This is very important for our judges and for global audiences.
red-check 8. CREDITS: Make sure you acknowledge all the people that were involved in your video production
red-check 9. LENGTH: 3 minutes long or less, including title slide & credits. If it exceeds 3 minutes, we will ask you to edit it down.


Ready to Submit Your Video?

submitvideoYour Final Submission Steps will be:

(1) Register for  (do this well-in advance)
(2) Upload your video onto  with specific settings & information (including #YouthVoicesOnChina)
(3) Complete our YVOC Submission Form

Now go here for the full detailed Submission steps