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OPEN DIVISION – Finalist Showcase Videos

 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching


By: Mick Wang

Coached by: Corey Tong

Description: Rediscovering the family history through pictures and interviews with family members.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: I wanted to give more of a voice to my Dad reflecting on what my Yeh Yeh did for him growing up as well as add some more reflection of my own.

How helpful was your coach?: My Coach was super helpful in giving me insights about what worked and what didn’t. Corey’s enthusiasm and interest were huge in the next steps for my video.


COLLEGE DIVISION – Finalist Showcase Videos

 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching

By: Alex Fisher-Wagner

Coached by: Sabrina Chen-Louie

Description: A film about my dreams of traveling to China to follow my passion of food and discover my culture and heritage.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: In this video I’ve updated my focus on what Chinese Cuisine has done for me in allowing me to understand what it means to be Chinese, growing up without that heritage common in my life. I’ve focused on why Chinese food has allowed me to discover my family and culture, without ever touching foot in the country, and how I am discovering WHO I AM through food.

How helpful was your coach?: Sabrina was a wonderful help in making sure I knew I was able to make the video a more personal account, less of a show and tell. I wanted to tell you what cooking and cooking chinese food specifically meant to me, and I wasn’t sure if I could be that personal. But she guided me so I knew I could!


 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching

By: Xizi(Cecilia) Hua

Coached by: Anthony Tao

Description: This an autobiographical experimental video exploring personal memories and current states of mind of today’s young generation abroad.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: I included the idea of “memory” into my identity search. The tone of the video shifts from the sense of “shame” to pride. However, at the same time, the tone of it not only stays within the quest of my identity or questions about one specific culture or country I am from, but it also highlights the new discoveries I found from these “unfamiliar memories.” I hope these memories could layer up for me to find new possibilities in the hometown that I have missed and lack the knowledge of. As I narrated in the video itself, I want to “make this film” to reflect on my experience and invite my audience to also think and reflect through my past and present memories, together to create our own connections with China and tell more stories of the Chinese people.

How helpful was your coach?: (Also coached by Corey Tong)

The advice and suggestions that I got from both Anthony and Corey were very helpful and inspiring. I was very grateful to have the opportunity sharing my stories, background and intent for making this video to both coaches.

From Anthony, who is currently living and working in China, I knew that I need to pin point my message out even more bluntly on both the personal narrative and the China story level. I was also very glad to receive notes from him who’s a writer and poet himself, so he gave some constructive notes on the rhythm, theme and narrative structure.

At the same time, Corey gave me very insightful opinions from a film producer, distributor, and curator’s point of view. Adding on to Anthony’s tips and what Monica suggested, Corey helped me understand how to build the film richer while adding more nuances to my identity and personal experience. I learned that I could make the film appealing to the YVOC program and make it more understandable to the audience.


 Video After Coaching  Video Before Coaching

By: Chandler Toffa

Coached by: James Chan

Description: A short film by Chandler Toffa and Modupe Thompson about 学‘s adventures in China.

Short synopsis of what you updated in this version of your video: 1) more movement in between shots
2) new footage for beginning/ending + animation
3) made it more personal (added Chandler’s backstory)
4) composed new music to fit the mood better
5) added more character to 学 by creating more visual “scenes” in which he moved around in/explored

How helpful was your coach?: Very helpful and specific! We tried to implement all of his notes in our newest version.