Huanglong Scenic Valley, a Unesco-certified Heritage Site, with natural blue calcite pools.
In the Minshan Mountains, Sichuan Province. 


  • If you’re a STUDENT thinking of competing, please register first
  • TEACHERS & EDUCATORS thinking of helping students enter, register here

2. REVIEW our Official Rules, Judging Criteria & Video Requirements

TopicsCollage23. GET INSPIRED with some CHINA TOPICS & IDEAS

  • Start here and find U.S.-China topics and ideas that matter to you, or that might be newly fascinating and maps to your personal interests…
  • Talk to your teacher or those who have a strong interest or background in China
  • Whether it’s about China’s rise, Chinese food, marathon running or soccer,, entrepreneurship & trade, League of Legends, being adopted, climate change issues or other U.S.-China topics, the more PERSONAL your story, the more likely you’ll go far in this contest.
  • You don’t have to treat it like a dry, academic exercise for your class or an Internet research project. In fact, please don’t.
  • Share YOUR VOICE.  Share YOUR PERSONAL story — that’s what will be meaningful and win the judges over.



As we may have mentioned, your compelling personal story and perspective are what matters most to the judges.

  • Addressing our contest theme – be sure your video clearly addresses our theme
  • Video Title & Title Page – please avoid using generic video titles like “Youth Voices 2017,” as too many contestants name theirs the same thing or similar.  Make it stand out; make it reflect your content a bit. As you know with Hollywood films, sometimes a great film name can make a big difference in audience appeal.
  • Be real, be yourself. We want to hear your stories, not listen to a research paper chock full of basic Google research on video. Tell us why this idea matters to you and to the world. Let us and travelers across the globe be inspired by you!
  • Get funky, get creative. We want to hear new travel interests & personal projects. For your exchange idea, integrate your personal interest or hobby… then research what’s happening around it in China.
  • Dream big! Choose an area you are passionate about, and push the limits with your idea. Want to sail across the Pacific Ocean with Chinese youth and invite President Obama to join you to raise awareness about ocean pollution? Meet some of your League of Legends heroes?  Want to see where Apple iPhones are made in Shenzhen?  Go for it! It could become a reality!
  • Creative Storytelling:  Be creative with how you communicate your ideas.  Parodies, rap, animation, spoken word, comedic skits and other creative approaches are truly highly encouraged!Simple and straightforward videos can be very powerful, too — check out 2015 Jury Prize Winner Brian Fuller’s video on “What China Means To Me.”
    If you are submitting a video that is mostly in Mandarin — 
    whether you’re a beginning Mandarin speaker or a native speaker, you must make sure you subtitle all your non-English portions — not all of our judges are fluent in Mandarin, and your video will likely be viewed around the world (which many may not speak Chinese).   If you’re a beginning speaker, keep in mind that you will do well if your video has a strong personal story, compelling point of view , and solid video production quality.




Your next steps as an ENTRANT will be:

  • STEP 2:  Organize your thoughts and recruit any Team member(s) (max 2 others).
  • STEP 3.  Develop your idea, script and storyboard.  Research video topics and see our China Primer for more ideas
  • STEP 4:  Shoot & edit your video. Get royalty free music & other tips here.
  • STEP 5:  Register for Vimeo, upload your video there in HD (takes 30+ mins), well BEFORE the 11:59pm PST deadline.
  • STEP 6:  Complete our Youth Voices Submission Form.

*All eligible entries must be uploaded & received by 11:59pm Pacific Time on February 28, 2017*