SUBMISSION STEPS for ALL CONTESTANTS (except China-based contestants, who will receive separate uploading instructions.)

Please review these steps in advance of submission.  Please do not submit last-minute — be sure to allow ample time for any hiccups in uploading large files and/or heavy website traffic due to others trying to submit at the same time.

1. Review the Submission checklist here  (coming soon)

2. You or the appointed lead producer should register for an account at Vimeo

3. Upload Your Video to Vimeo‘s upload page.

  • Timing Reminder: loading a 3 minute video (40MB or larger) will take at least 30 minutes, so don’t wait till the last minute
  • Video Title: be creative and NOT generic! Your title and other fields should match your Video Submission form.
  • In the Description field:   Make sure you also add #youthvoicesonchina at the beginning of your description.
  • Important Settings: Your Vimeo video’s privacy settings must allow anyone to (1) view it, (2) embed it, and (3) allow us to download it for posting to the Contest website.
  • Vimeo Account: Your Vimeo account and unique video URL must be in good standing through July 1, 2018.

4.  Trouble with Vimeo uploading?  Please CONTACT US at
…right away if you’re having any trouble or have questions with submitting your entry. Don’t wait till the last minute to upload large files!
You will receive two confirmations of your ” “VIDEO SUBMISSION FORM”  from us, so please do NOT try to re-submit multiple times — our system won’t allow you to, anyway:

  • The first one is on-screen, which you’ll *see* immediately soon as you submit.
  • 2nd Confirmation: Within 1-10  days of submitting your form, we will you a *separate email * that we’ve received everything, but it may NOT be right away, as we must manually review your video and submission form, and we may get over 100-200 videos.



Choose the appropriate division below to submit to.  Be sure you have already registered and are currently logged in.  Go here if you need to reset your password.

Open Division

Submit Here after Jan 15, 2018 (post-college contestants)

PRC Contestants Division

Submit Here after Jan 15, 2018 (China-based contestants)