Youth Voices On China: A New Era of Medicine

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Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): Medicine affects tomorrow's generation, in every region around the world and this was definitely a topic I wanted to address. Traditional Chinese medicine has always been underestimated and misinterpreted in the West, but combining modern medicine with traditional Chinese medicine has the potential to enhance healthcare in America and China. My family experienced the benefits of these treatments, when my mother almost died from a fatal illness; luckily, she is fully healed now. I believe it is important to convey this message and combine forces with China, to ultimately create a revolutionary medical system, saving hundreds of lives in both countries like it did with my mom. This is a serious topic, affecting each and every one of us, so I made an effort to reflect this in the video, through its filming and editing techniques. Each scene coincides with the narration; the ultimate goal was conveying a clear, direct message to the President about an ongoing issue, and a potential solution.