Shaping the Next Generation of Chinese Students

Additional Information

Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): Although China is renowned for its academic prowess, China's illiteracy rates are on the rise, largely due to the frequent rejection of impaired students across the nation. Current disabled illiteracy rates remain undesirable. After researching the topic, writing a script, finding a fitting animation program, recording audio, creating visuals, compiling it all in a video, and swapping it dozens of times for revision between the two of us, we've made a video that expresses our thoughts on the matter. We realized that school is an ideal location to find some of the greatest things life has to offer. Friends. Passions. Knowledge. "Our China" is one where all have access to these things. It isn't too late. Let's strive to shape the next generation of Chinese students!
Anything else you'd like to tell us: Thank you for hosting this competition! We hope you have as much fun watching our video as we had making it.