Learning China

Additional Information

Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): This video was created to share our love for China. We both spent a significant amount of time in China, where our individual experiences interacting with different communities helped us learn about the culture more deeply. We want to motivate others to go abroad and do the same. From an outsider’s perspective, Chinese culture can be difficult to understand. However, we found that the more time we spent directly interacting with people, the more common ground we discovered. Sharing our stories of the connections we made in China, we hope to inspire others to look beyond the tourist route and interact with people living their everyday lives. Both of us are studying Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. We want to take the experiences we’re having right now and pair them with what we learned in China, in order to make the world a better place. In the future, we will work on water distribution systems and implement ways to clean up contaminated water supplies. We want to further harness the potential of the Sun to provide access to food, warmth, and energy. China has helped us discover our passions, and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you!