Discovering Our China

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Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): Discovering Your Roots - Learning about our Chinese ancestors and their lives Our history defines us, and so while it is important to look ahead, looking at the past is crucial. The creation of this video has helped us to look into our Chinese roots, understand our past, and discover how our ancestors have affected who we are today. Together as a team, we decided that all of that would be an interesting topic to research. Although our video may not have many extraordinary special effects, the message it conveys and the meaning it holds is significant. To make such a display, we all, individually, created smaller videos explaining our Chinese pasts. Being able to recognize this and the oversights our ancestors had, prevents us from committing the same mistakes. Not only that, but knowing that our ancestors emigrated from China has opened new windows of opportunities for us. So even as our technologically advanced generation continues to venture onward, a backwards glance now and then could really enhance our understanding of the modern world.