Connecting with China through Martial Arts: A Youth Cultural Exchange

Additional Information

Video Subject & Artist Statement (this may be publicly posted): The idea behind my video is propose a youth cultural exchange about modern healthy living through ancient martial arts, in order to have a theme that is both exciting and meaningful. When I learned that Muhammad Ali made a historic visit to China in 1979, I was inspired to honor that tradition by proposing a cultural exchange to continue that spirit. Both cultures have ancient martial art traditions to share, and teens in both countries care about healthy living and a healthy planet. My personal goal for this project was to expand what I have learned in school by using my own area of interest to create something meaningful. The process for making the video involved background research, an expert interview by email, recording a script and putting it all together with video animation tools. The personal meaning of this project for me is that I expanded my horizons by imagining myself as part of an international cultural exchange with China. To date, I have only been to Canada, so this project changed my point of view about what is possible as a global citizen. My hope is that other teens will connect with the project based on their own interest in health and fitness, and use that enthusiasm to expand their own horizons too.